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Mild performance on C coupe vs Impreza WRX

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I really don't what to do!
I test drove both car, they are amazing both.

But, for aftermarket parts, I'm fairly new to the Benz and taught the parts are really expensive. The Subaru parts are easy to find but have difficulties to find Benz parts.

knowing the Impreza make 227hp and the C 189hp. The first with a turbo and the second with a supercharger. The Impreza seems accelerating faster than the C but the C is a Benz.

Is there a way to make the Benz faster with minor upgrades except the pulley kit?
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At the present time there are no mods for the 2003 1.8 liter to make it faster. Zero. Zip. Nada. The pulley kit will not work on it.

Kleemann is working on replacing the stock supercharger with a Lysholm supercharger which should give a big hp increase, but it will cost about $3000.
ok, the best would be to swap the engine with a better one.

the 3000$ would kill my wallet :cry:
And no spare money for the funerals :cry: :cry:

It's not like I want to put neons under it :wink:
Or a Turbo replacement?
If you want power, look at the 350Z and the Infinity Q35. You will not find a car with as many options and at a price under $30K. Or Mods fine a 2002 Coupe.
Does anyone know the price of c240 engine ?

Thats the kind of engine swap I think about.
It's that or doing the same with my impreza.
A used 2.0L Turbo impreza engine worth 10 000$ CND and much higher.

Should I go with the C230 or put a used engine in my Impreza?
A C240 engine as 20 hp less than the C230k 1.8. Renntech sell high performance 3.8 liter stoker motors for US$15,000 or US$19,000 depending on what you are willing to pay for. If you want a fast MB, buy a C32, and save yourself to hassle and expense of modifying a Coupe to that level.
well how about kleeman sc replacement? 300hp should be more than enough, don u think?
why not look for a 2002 c230k? you can add the pulley kit to jump the horsepower
the sc replacement is for the 2002, and mingt also work for 2003's(1.8) :lol:
The Lysholm supercharger conversion will be available for both engines, but it is not available yet.
I have the WRX and my wife has the C-coupe (C230) ... If you want luxury go MB, if you want flat out performance go with WRX. I have a APS club spec wich brings HP up to 280 at the Flywheel. There is no comparision between the cars. The refinement of her car is far better than mine. The subaru is great, but the toy difference is huge. Also the coupe is soft and slow for my taste. Brakes are excellent though.
If anyone has any exact questions about the two, just ask or e-mail me.
can you chip a supercharger? like what we do for audi's 1.8t engines.

<edit> I'm talking about a 2003 C230sc coupe. saw the upsolute post but it dates from may 02. </edit>
Yes I know that Renntech is one company that can.
The only chips I know of are from Renntech and Upsolute. Also, the chip is not actually changed, but re-written. I have seen a dyno for a 2002 2.3 with an Upsoluter program and I thought the results were disappointing. the Upsolute costs $500 and $70 for installation. The Renntech is much more expensive.
My suggestions...

dadou said:
ok, the best would be to swap the engine with a better one.

the 3000$ would kill my wallet :cry:
And no spare money for the funerals :cry: :cry:

Or a turbo replacement:
If you are gonna own a Benz, don't think about cheap mods, its not cheap. Swapping Benz motors is not cheap they cost a hell lot more than cost effective Japanese motors especially with your budget. Even the WRX mods can get expensive if you're gonna go all out, ie: STI mods. Take wrxownr's advise if you want sheer power versus luxurious refinement. If you are gonna take the WRX route, wait for the STI model, then you do not have to butcher the poor car!
2003 C230K upgrades

RENNtech offers an ECU upgrade (remapping the ECU) for $1595 or the ECU upgrade plus a sport muffler for $2295.00. They rate the ECU upgrade at 10 bhp/ 12 lbs.-ft and the ECU + Muffler at 17 bhp/15 lbs.-ft.

Other stuff is in the works for the new 1.8 motor.

I can help you out with any of the RENNtech stuff; I am a distributor. Post here if you are interested and I can contact you. Also, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about RENNtech parts and service.
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Chalk and Cheese.

Subaru and MB shouldnt even be in the same sentence let alone compared. I love Jap cars and have owned and loved my Nissan GTR for two years now but MB is just so much better in everyway and you pay for it. Make up your mind if you want speed or luxury. If its speed then get the GTR it will destroy almost anything on the road at 10X its price. The WRX is a toy and you cant get too much more power out of them before they cost too much and the gearbox is weak as P(*&. Sorry to all the WRX fans but the finish in these cars is crap and the performance well that too is crap. its more a light car than a fast car.
My parents r buying me a C32AMG it's fast and all what i read but not fast enough i want to be able to beat M3's what performance parts r there at a relatively cheap price considering i dont have a job and im only 19 and i have to maintain my escalade too Thanx!!


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