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I posted this last month, heres my posting:

I have a 2001 ML320, and the shop that has it is stumped as to why the problem is occuring, they have scanned it, and found this. First, they cleared the codes, and found the B1041 code as Can communication trans to track control system faulty, then another code, P2068, P20CC rough rode detection signal, P2036 Incorrect can message from control unit, and B1470 as well.

The problem came as my wife was driving it, the speedo went dead, several warning lights came on, but she could still drive it fine. It happens on and off sometimes it happens several times, corrects itself, drives fine, then happens again, the shop is not for sure what to fix, and the next deal is the MB dealer, PLEASE, any help!

The ML now sits, and will sit, maybe forever, I have found NOBODY that can fix it for sure, everybody seems stumped on this problem, but after reading other fourms, I see that I am not alone! Ohters have had this exact problem too, but I have yet to find that they got there car fixed ever! WOW, Had I known this, I would have NEVER bought an ML. I own a Porsche service shop, but we can only read what the scanner says (see above) not sure what to do, but park it for good! Yes, we replaced the brake light switch, that cleared ONE code only.

I think its odd, that not event he MB dealer is sure what to do, except throw parts at it thill they find it, which gets very expensive, and if they replace a part, I am stuck with it, regardless of if mine was bad.

I can replace the computer for the track system for roughly my cost of $380, but it seems odd that this will fix everything, and allow it to shift out of first gear too!

WHY so many problems that occured within a second of driving it one day, everyhting happened all at once. Unless anybody can help, it stays parked in my lot forever, if I cant fix it, or find someone who can, seems weird for MB, never had a problem like this with Porshes!!!!!!!!!!!!
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