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Guys, I wanted to buy a used ML320 for some time now. I found a '00 model, and was doing general check up at the mercedes authorized dealer. When I was waiting for it to be done, I was looking around in the showroom admiring the new mercedes, the sales rep. found out I'm looking to buy a used ML, he was offering his customer's car. He said he is "helping" his customer to sell his '02 ML320 (pre-facelifted) because apparently according to the sales rep. story, this customer has a lot of debts and now he's selling his M-class.

However, the car is now sitting on the garage, because of a rat chewed through the engine firewall and chew a cable. I didn't ask which cable - I should've - but i saw they were taking apart the whole glove compartment area. Apparently the car has been sitting in the owner's garage a lot - it only has 18,600 miles on it.

The interior looks brand new, only some areas appears to be dirty, but it has minimal wear and tear. Engine bay looks dirty, the metal part of the engine (the cylinder housing where is not covered by the plastic cover) is very dirty -looks like some liquid has been left to dry there. I'm not sure if its from the coolant reservoir above it, or actualy the rat's urine (who knows).

My concerns, the sales rep. kept pushing me and assuring me that this car is in immaculate condition (apart from the owner's huge debt), my guess is the owner will give him commission if the car is sold. I haven't checked the car history personaly, I wanted to ask the service advisor privately, but this sales rep. kept following me around, and I don't want him to intimidate the service advisor to "cover up" the blemish that this car might have. (call me paranoid). I might call the service advisor and ask him by phone and see what he says.

Second concern, the price - he was asking at market price, then I asked for less, the sales was going to let me know about this. Just about 30 mins I left the showroom, the sales rep. called and the price dropped 10%, that fast.. if this story about huge debt holds, I can understand, he wants money fast, but could it be that there are underlying problems with the car?

Third concern, the rat damage, it this is repaired properly, could this car attract rats more since it has been intruded (in case the previous rat left its smell). I wasn't really concern about this until my friend mentioned it.. i mean, i dont know, is this really a problem?

What do you think guys? Sorry for the long description, but thanks in advance for the opinions.
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