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Motorola V-60 Phone System

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I just bought my '02 C230 from leftover stock. Couldn't resist the dealer's incentive to move the car on Dec 30... so I gave up a few of the configuration choices I might have made if I bought an '03. One of which is the Phone system.
I'm not convinced that it's worth $1,600 anyway... so anyone who has the system - I'd appreciate a review. Also, does anyone know if it can be added by the dealer? (I know, I could just call the dealer....) :roll:
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Yes, it can be added by the dealer, but the MB version of the phone is reportedly in very short supply.

What's the cost after installation for the phone? Do you pick your carrier or not? I'm totally clueless on this but might like a phone in the car since it will integrate with the car's optic network.
I haven't asked the dealer yet what the after-factory cost would be. I know the CD changer costs 2x to have installed at the dealer ($800 instead of $400). The factory price for the V60 is about $1600. Tough decision at that price... but if dealer install is much higher, that would make the decision for me.

It would be a great feature though..... :? If anyone has the system, please give us your feedback on it.. is it worth the $$?
Re: phone

krikzil said:
What's the cost after installation for the phone? Do you pick your carrier or not? I'm totally clueless on this but might like a phone in the car since it will integrate with the car's optic network.

Only your dealer can say what it will cost. You can pick your carrier.
I was told by my dealer it would cost approx. $2500 for the phone, voice recognition and labor - too much for me :cry:
I had the V60 kit with the voice activation installed at the dealer and not from the factory. The system is incredible. The voice control not only lets you dial phone numbers but you can change the radio stations, cd tracks and discs as well. If you're looking for the ultimate "creature comfort" go for the kit. When I purchased mine, I had the option to pick Cingular or Verizon in my area. This is the only part that was upsetting since I work for T-Mobile :(
Don't do it!

I got the phone package and it's terrible. The voice part is great but the actual phone is awful. Mercedes did replace it for me once but it didn't make a difference. It has trouble connecting calls even with a full signal. I'd say it only works about 50% of the time. I've never had problems before with other phones so it's not the area that I live in. I paid $2500 for the phone system and it's worthless.
But can you do it yourself?

I find it hard to believe that I MUST go to the dealer to have this option installed and enabled. All I really want is the phone feature. I can do without the voice command system. Anyone know where I go to learn how to do this myself?
I'm sure the requirement for dealer installation is legit. The phone system integrates with the car's fiber optic system for the computer and audio system. I think it takes them about 3 hours to install. That would be about 3 weeks for me to do it... assuming I had the right tools and instructions.

I've decided to get the phone - having it installed tomorrow. I'll post feedback after so everyone can see if I think I made the right decision.
Just as a final note to this, I had the V60 installed last week. It is awesome, even though I skimped and didn't get the voice recognition system. If you spend a lot of time in the car and are concerned about the safety and convinience of fumbling around with a hand-held cell phone, this system may be worth the $. Also, since it docks nicely into the center armrest it is not an unsightly and "in the way" mess like an aftermarket hands free kit would be.
2003 C230 with v60?

I am confused about this "feature"

It appears that most of the system is already installed. Speakerphone, keypad, Audio Integration, etc...

The phone retails for $595, but needs to be "installed". What needs to be installed? Looks like a RJ45 plug in the center arm rest? Isn't this where the phone get's installed?

But according to the other posts here, the option to add the phone is at least $1595, if not $2500.
I don't think it uses RJ45. It integrates with the car's fiber optics. I'm not sure of the details, but it took the techs almost 4 hours to install it. At least I got to drive around in an E Class while they did.

Now I'm wondering how feasible it would be to have it put in another car, if I were to trade in a year or two.
So, I saw on the website that the Motorola phone and system will cost $1595 (without voice recognition). Does anyone know how much dealer installation will cost? I was also surprised to see that it cost so much, since I have seen similar models selling for BMWs for $595 (with voice recognition). Oh well!
I forget the exact price, but it cost me about $1,900 to have it installed (without voice). Takes a while to install too. If you do it and plan to wait for the car as I did, bring a good book.

Very expensive phone, but I do enjoy the convinience of it. I hate those cheap after-market hands-free kits that barely work. I spend about 12 hours a week in my car so it made sense for me, but you have to justify the cost for yourself.
V60 phone

My dealer advised that although the phone is a V60 it has a special motherboard in it for the MB. I have also seen on another MB site that there is a universal phone kit coming for these cars. Is this a ruse or is there something availabe?

The phone install requires at least two more black boxes in the car. The stuff you see and the connector in the armrest is just a tease. :lol:
Yes, there is supposed to be a universal phone kit coming.
Is this kit supposed to integrate with the fiber optic system?
Yes, that is what I have read.
Universal Phone kit for our c class coupes

Can we get more information? I would like to pursue this kit and work to get it installed. Can anyone provide a link to the latest information? Any details?
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