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I have a seen a few people asking about MP3 and the audio system. I have one way that works well with the factory tape deck in my 230 coupe.
There is a copy called digisette that makes a mp3 player that works in tape decks. They came out a year or so ago but went pretty much unnoticed at stores. I bought mine from a Good Guys store in California when they discontinuing them from there line a few months back. You can also get them on Ebay pretty cheap (or, fry’s electronics).
It is a pretty sturdy metal construction, syncs with windows media player through USB and plays WMA and MP3. It has good sound quality and works well as a walkman if needed. You can control the playlist by using the up/down controls on the wheel as if you were playing a regular tape, but is hard to work with the tape deck directly. Push the “forward” control on the wheel, count to 1, then push the “back” command. This action tells the player that you want to hear the next track (or previous if done in reverse order).

If you buy one, I would recommend that you try to find one that come with the 2 rechargeable batteries, since they can run out fast sometimes. The player usually comes with a car charger, wall charger, and cable to power the tape when in the deck of lesser car (non concealed tape deck).
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