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Stationed in Turkey in the late 60's, the government had passed a law about American's selling the vehicles that they had shipped over with them when stationed in Turkey.

The Turks were willing to pay crazy money for an American car. It reminded me some of the pictures we see of CUBA with old American Car's being the main means of transportation and especially TAXI's Old American Iron is treasured for their size!

They passed a law forbidding an American stationed in Turkey to sell the car in Turkey unless it was to another American. Car's arriving in Turkey before s certain date could still be sold. Car's like that disappeared soon after the law was passed.

A veteran who was going home after two years in Turkey didn't want to take the car back to the US with him. Since it was in dire need of work he was having trouble selling it. If he couldn't sell it his options were expensive and crazy. Like having it shipped to another country and selling it there or there was a legal discussion about selling it to a scrap dealer because that too would bring in crazy money. He was asking 100 dollars for the car. No bites or offers. When I started asking him questions he told me that he would pay me to take the car which meant I had to register it and therefore fix it. I wasn't sure that I wanted the responsibility and then have to go through what he was going through now. He was desperate to find me the night before he was do to leave. He held out a hundred dollar bill and all of the ownership papers. I still balked so he offered me 500 bucks to take the car. I took it. So my first MB I was paid to take it.

It was a 1959 190 gas engine with 4 speed on the column.

I'm looking for some pictures that I will post when I find them.

I will tell you this: the Turks back then could fix just about anything so why this guy never had the car fixed so he could sell it I have no idea.

I promise you, when you see the final product it will blow your mind. In a way I wish I still had it now. Not that that particular model would be worth a fortune But I knew it always started and it always ran. It also got tones of looks because after all was done the car looked brand new.

Not only did I have a 59 MB I found a 1947 Harley knuckle head built for a side car. It was an old army bike that was sitting in parts. I paid 25 bucks for it.
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