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Hello all,

I am a new owner. I purchased an 03 c230k coupe with 20k miles on it about a week ago. I come from both the old school muscle and the VW/Audi world. I traded my well modded 02 GTI on this car because I just liked the vehicle. It is nice to have RWD again although in a much slower vehicle. It is certified preowned and I also purchased the Mercedes extended warranty.

So, I am wondering what mods are available for this vehicle. I see chip and pulley sets, but I assume that would be a warranty voiding upgrade. I am wondering if it is possible to swap in the heated leather from another car, and I am also wondering what must be done to enable the car phone set up. Can the cradle be fitted after the fact??

Sorry, for all the questions! In return for solid advice I would be happy to help anyone who has questions about pre 73 Mopars or watercooled VW/Audi
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