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Need advice

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Question: Maybe someone can help me. I have a 1980 Mercedes 300SD 5cylinder turbo diesel, floor board needs work, back seat needs to be restuffed. Can anyone tell me how much I should ask for it. It was my dad's, he passed away before he could restore it. Engine and transmission are good starts right up, drives nicely. I'm located in Massachusetts.Thank you in advance
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I usually recommend a search to see what range of prices the cars are being sold for, then adjust your asking price based on your car’s condition.
I am looking at buying a 1999 E320 with 90K miles.
Does any of you have any recommendations on what should I check before buying it?
what are the common issues with these vehicles?
On other forums people recommends staying away from Mercedes in general. i have never own a Mercedes before, I had several other cars but not a Mercedes. I like to do most of the maintenance myself.
I appreciate any piece of advise
I’m guessing other forums advising you stay away from Mercedes are not Mercedes forums.
Any older vehicle must get a complete inspection prior to purchasing. Look at service history too.
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