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Just bought it and have already read that the seat motor modules are a common problem. Mine seem to work fine but I definately will keep an eye on it.

It has 54K miles on it and seems to look pristine, other than a few knicks and minor scratches. I used to drive a '96 C220 but sold it before moving to the MS Gulf Coast.

What else should I be looking for? I remember reading that the V6's had problems with the harmonic balancers, but I thought I also read that the problem was fixed by 2000. Any recalls I need to know about?

One last thing. I notice that the LED display in the instrument cluster is fading on the outer edges (dimmed to point it's hard to read). I'm sure this is a sign the display will be needing to be replaced soon. Is this something I can do at home? Though I'm not skilled enough to tear apart an engine, I have changed brakes & rotor, water pump, and some other components on my C220.
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