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New Car Buying Experience

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Well I finally did it. I bought a C230 Coupe. Black, heated seats, sunroof, evelution, cd, and Perelli winter tires. :D

Well my experience was not fun at all. I went into the first dealership and lets say I spent 4 days of them never giving me much to go with. They never gave me the same lease number twice.

I went into the dealership with a main goal. Get a great car that is safe to drive in the winter. I just sold my mustang that was all over the road and it was my FIRST priority to get the benz with winter tires. Well lets say they heard my concerns but never really listened. He told me he could get me a second pair of tires but the dealership needed to earn something off the tires and the install.....All I wanted was a firm price witch I never got. This was the 6th car I bought in 10 years and the worst deal and dealership I have ever dealt with.
To put the icing on the cake he had the balls to tell me that the summer tires should get me through the rest of our great calgary winter.....ya right.....
See they heard me but were never listening. I wanted a good car with good tires and wanted to feel safe on the road.....But as the salesman said
he thinks I could get through the rest of the winter on summer tires.......Crap Crap Crap.........he just wanted the sale......

Well I went to the other dealership in town and within 1 hour I had a great price, a great car, and best of all they listened and helped me get a great great deal on perrali winter tires and installed for free...... At the end I was happy. It snowed alot today and for the first time in years I was excited to drive in the snow. So I want to give a big shout out and Huge Thanks to LoneStar in Calgary for LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING my needs. Customer first not sale first...It was never about price just getting me into the car I wanted with the tires I needed.

To make the matter much much worse the other dealership left 2 messages on my voice mail. The messages they left hurt and made me very upset...They never showed me a peace of paper with prices just told me a bunch of numbers. They just expected me to cave in and except there deal. Just try listening for once and stop thinking price is what everybody looks at. Good manners, good comunication and LIsten Listen Listen. Last but not lease If they pursue to communicte with me again I will take direct action through a customer protection act that is here in Alberta (AMVIC). So if you read this and you know who you are, listen and learn from this, but hey I'm only one deal gone bad. Leave me alone and keep the peace. Its about us the cutomer. And one other note. Dealers really should check these forums more often to see what drives the customer to this great product. It is a win win situation.

So again Lonestar you rock and thanks.

Well Peace and happy safe driving.
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Info on the Pirellis

Hi Steve,
I'm in Toronto, but do a lot of winter driving near Georgian Bay, in the "snow belt". I'm getting my C230 Coupe next month, and would be interested in finding out more about the snow tires you got.

Can you tell me the tire specs? Did you select them, or was it a recommendation from LoneStar? Did you get them priced as part of the car deal, or as a separate sale? (Just BTW, I'm getting the 17" wheels (Evolution Package).)

Sorry to hear about your dealership woes - I've been lucky so far...


here is the link to the tire

they are the pirelli winter 210 snowsport on the 17" evelution rims.

They were recommended by freinds and by lonestar. They are amazing.

Get them to put it in the deal if you financing. If your leasing buy them straight out so you can keep them. I was told they would last me at least 5 to 6 years.

good luck, let me know how it goes.
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