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We hope this new forum category will generate interest and gather addition members to BenzForum that share an interest in the popular E-Class Benz. BenzForum will always prominately feature the new C-Class, but we also want to make welcome E-Class owners to the BenzForum community. We invite all BenzForum members to suggest other topics of interest to the MB enthusiasts. :D
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I will ask you about the 250 000 Km MBZ award, what is it?
MBZ High Mileage Award

MBUSA has a High Mileage Award Program, which recognizes the owner and vehicle based upon the mileage driven. In my opinion, the program instills a lot of pride in ownership of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Not to mention it is FREE!

There are three levels of achievement:
250,000 km/155,000 miles
500,000 km/312,500 miles
1,000,000 km/625,000 miles

If you qualify, they give you a grill badge for your car. They also have a lapel pen and a personal certificate that are given to an owner of a Mercedes-Benz that has driven the vehicle the required mileage. So if on the application you indicate at least 250,000 km/155,000 miles were personally driven by yourself you should get both items in addition to the radiator plaque for the car. The radiator plaque is issued based upon the mileage of the car regardless of the miles you actually drove.

You can get an application by calling the Customer Assistance Center at MBUSA (1-800-367-6372). Complete the application, have a dealer representative sign, and send it to MBUSA. In a few weeks you will receive the award. Looks great and did I mention it is FREE! :lol:
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Does this program apply in Canada too?
Not sure if this is limited to the US only. You might give Mercedes-Benz in Canada a call to see. If you get an answer, please post your findings here for the benefit of other BenzForum members. Good luck.
My understanding is that the program in worldwide.
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