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Hi all,

I am a brand new MB owner this week. A neighbor had a for sale sign on his 1988 300E so my wife suggested I check it out. It had good paint and body and perfect interior. He gave me the keys and I drove it around for about an hour. It has 188,000 miles on it and I could not believe how tight it was and how smooth the engine ran. It was smooth as glass at 85 mph on the i state and tracked perfectly straight. I asked him how much he wanted for it and he said $4000. I offered him 3000 and he said OK. To this point I have never before even ridden in a MB. I have been driving the car to work for the past 3 days and I'll never go back to a lesser car. I do have some work to do, though.

First and foremost the climate control blows no cold air and only thru the defroster, with a little bit out the two side dash outlets. nothing out the center. I've ordered a service manual CD off Ebay (bootleg no doubt but I could not find a printed copy after searching for 4 days) and I expect it in a few days. After reading the climate control section I will decide if I will tackle this or go to a garage. I have done Ac work on my other cars including compressor replacement and converting to r134. does anyone have any suggetions for troubleshooting/repairing my AC?

The odometers do not work but car fax shows the mileage is about where it should be. the previous owner said it had stopped working just recently. Any suggestions other that replacing the speedometer cable?

Also, and not that big of deal, the fog light do not work. The headlights on my car do not look like the typical headlights for a 300E of this vintage. Mine are one big lens over the head light and fog light and there are no wipers. there are two washer pumps on the fluid reservoir so i think at one time wipers were present.

In addition to basic fluid and filter maintenance which I will do myself I plan to have the timing chain replaced since I have no idea how many miles are on it. How much should I expect this to cost? Does anyone have any suggestions for a mechanic in the northwest atlanta ga area?

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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