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hi you all i just found this forum and i'd like to introduce my car
got it as a birthday gift from my dad 2 weeks ago on my 17th birthday
now im not up-to-date on the packages and their names and whatever but it has renntech rims (center piece that says renntech was replaced by dealer for the benz symbol ones, the renntech ones are in the glove compartment and i do plan on swapping them), dual tip renntech exhaust, the two renntech decals,renntech rear wing, brilliant silver metallic, black leather interior, automatic transmission, and all the other goodies except the command system.

hope you all enjoy the pictures sorry if i called something by the wrong name, i live in south florida if u see me around just wave :p, so far only c coupe like mine ive seen in the area
p.s. sorry for the quality of the pictures i suck at using that digital camera thing


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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