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Have had a hankering for a 450SL for years and found one not far away. Am going to have a look at it tomorrow and am wondering about a few things--hope forum members can advise me when looking at a 1980 450SL with 50,000 miles. Here's what I'm interested in learning:

1. Best pricing guide online--seems prices are all over the board.
2. Most prominent rust areas to search for.
3. Most common (and uncommon) features and options to look for.
4. Deficiences to be aware of.
5. Can someone accurately explain to me the difference between the Euro and American version and if it makes a difference in purchasing either one?
6. Also read about a sort of "gray market" in which a Euro benz was Americanized, thereby resulting in a loss in value--any truth to this, and if so, what does one look for to avoid such a vehicle?

Any info on these items will be greatly appreciated!
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