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I do not have much of an automotive background and bought the car to learn, so I'm hoping you all can help!

It's a 1985 300TD manual that I've had for about a month in Boston. It's been cold, and I just changed the oil. I checked the oil a few days after the change, and it's just above the mark on the oil rod. Is this dangerous?

Usually it takes me a few tries to get the car started when it's cold. But the past week or so it's taken longer than usual. For the first 10minutes of driving, the car doesn't shift gears until the rpm is pretty high. The rpm meter is broken, so I cna't tell you how high, but by the sounds of it, it's higher than it should be.

It's been taking longer to start the car as well. In the cold, it usually takes a few tries, but lately it's just been too long. And this morning I couldn't get it to start at all. When the engine is trying to turn over, it actually got slower instead of faster like it usually does. So I took the bus instead.
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