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I've searched this site many times and It is really great. It seems some of these cars have problem that can been fixed easily if all the variables are known so I figured I would just put everything out there and see if anyone can help me. I was a front end, suspension, and brake technician for a few years so I do know my way around a car. Just vacuum systems and german electrical is causing me some headaches. Maybe I'm just intimidated. Ha. So here goes and thanks for the help in advance.

I have a 1982 300d. Pretty good body shape (some hail damage and very small rust spots on fender wells.)

Just replaced brakes all around and threw some tires on.
The car drives great, it has a little play in the steering but no where near what it was before I adjusted it.

Ok, now the nagging problems:

Tranny flares under wot throttle 2-3. If you play it a little and lift off the throttle it shifts fine. Also there is a bit of hesitation when engaging from Park to Drive or Reverse. Not much but it is noticeable.

The ever common no shut down. Door locks work great and I've messed with the vacuum line running to the shut off valve and it bogs the motor down a bit. The line is covered in oil so maybe it's swollen enough that when it's compressed by hand it gives some vacuum to it.

There is no radio in it now and I have no idea what wires are what and schematics are not so easy to come by. Any ideas on those would be awesome. I've read a bit about the fader in the console so that much I know but It doesn't even look like there is a wire thick enough to be a 12V supply. Guess I'll get the ol' meter out.

Also does a K and N filter make the turbo spool a bit easier to hear? I really hate the thought of an open element filter due to hydrolock. Am I being a bit too careful here?

Also I had a fun experience where the fuel line next to the filter came off at the bolt and I lost about an 1/8th of a tank of fuel. It was weird before I noticed it I took a corner at a decent speed and it fishtailed and spun the tires. Must have created my own "oil slick." Thats when I looked out the back and noticed I was pouring fuel on the pavement. Probably the only time it will get sideways above freezing.;)

Thanks in advance for any input, glad to be part of the forum.

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For your wiring I would suggest buying the Mercedes Factory Service Manual CD set. I covers repair on the complete car with the exeption of rebuilding turbos and transmissions. I also does not have the front end alignment spec.
$19.99+$7 shipping. I works best on Non-Mac computers.
I am posting these repair links from another Forum I hang out at as I know them better. This forum also has a tool rental program
Repair Links

Here is an article on some of the transmission issues

Look in those DIY links for the Transmission and no shutoff problems.
On the transmission some would say that you could fix the 2-3 flare with a K1 Spring Kit from Superior Shift $60-$70 for the kit.
However, I would make sure the other adjustments are OK first to inclued a fluid and Filter change.
Below are some trans troubleshooting charts. Disreguard the colored outlines; they were from another project. See if anything fits your problem.


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