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The ad:

2001 Mercedes CLK cabrio, low miles, no wrecks, mint condition. Also no phone number, just e-mail through Price: $8400.00 Location (per ad): Beverly Hills

Response to my inquiry:

Hi there !
Well before whe talk further,u must know some things.Right now i am in Czech Republic,Prague . i live here now .i moved here in Prague 2 months ago,anyway, about the car , i really think thats a resonable price for u and i really need to sell it as soon as possibly. the car is in great condtions , absolutely great to drive , the engine runs great , no accidents on this car , except the regular cracks from small rocks from street roads,thats normal , the car has great handling and as u can see in the pics its looks very good, i could even say that its GREAT !!
To sell it here in Prague ,believe me i tried but no luck . here they have different standards , left steerin whell drive and above al my car still has US title . another great advantage for you cause you will not have any problems when you will registered the car in your name ! The car passed the test emissions and comes with all the documents you need to registered !
Please reply in email with any kind of question ! if your really interested i will tell u how whe can do this deal !
Thank u Sir
Warm Regard !

My response:

Thank you for your quick response. I am curious to see this car, and wondering how we could make a deal happen? Do you have somebody in Los Angeles to show the car and recieve the money?

Seller's response:

Hi There Sir !
I am really glad that u are still interested in my car , and i hope that i will close this deal with u,anyway , this is how whe can u so u get this car from me and how u can pay me for it :
Car Shipping :
1.The car will be shippt from my location (Czech Republic,Prague ) to your HOME ADRESS , the shipping is done via AIR ( LUFTANSA AIR CARGO ) and the company told me that the car arrives in 72 hours to the your destination.The car will be insured at the delivery service and insured for the transport !i take car of the shipping,so be cool , u will not pay any shipping fees ! i take care of that !
As soon as the package arrives, you will test the car and if it does not matches 100% to your expectations, you will return it in max. 15 days since the arrival date. In this case I will send you the deposit money back and you will send me the product in the original crate and you don't have to pay the return shipping and insurance!
please in your next email send me your FULL ADRESS AND NAME !!
Payment :
2.u must know that i only deal with WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERING . all u must do is this .
first u send me a deposit(half of the cars price) at my home adress in Prague that i can only pick up with my ID ! after u make the wire transfer u will send me all the Informations in order to collect the deposit
Full Sender name and adress ,Full reciver Name and the MTCN(money transfering control number) !
After i pick up the Deposit in the exact day i will take the car in the shipping warehouse and complete the formalities for Shipping. as soon as the car arrives at you u have 8 days to send me the rest of the money ( Balance ) or if you dont have all the money i could accept monthly payments !!
To avoid fees from Federal Express and from Western Union all we have to do is:
ME --> I have to declare the car as a gift for you and in this way you will pay NO custom fees and you will receive the car very fast.
YOU --> have to declare at Western Union that you send the money to a friend in Prague that need this money, in this way when our deal will be finished and I get the money from Western Union they will not gone ask me 10% from the total amount that you have send it, they will gone ask me just 3% or 4%. (ALL OF THIS IS ONLY IF YOU AGREE).
This is my Home adress and my name :

Edward Ronan
Konevova 2747/99,
130 00 Prague 3,

Czech Republic

What to do from here? Care to pick this up, Howitzer?

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Yes, I am looking for a way to have fun with this.

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:lol: Obviously this shmuck takes americans for morons. Once these guys get your deposit they will be on an island enjoying pina colodas on you. It would cost him $8,000 to ship the car back and forth if you werent happy. Also, if you notice he can converse pretty well in english, and occasionaly he types as if he doesnt speak english. Why cant he sell it in Prague? 8k for a 2001 benz? My cleaning lady could buy it. Why is the car titled in the US? Obviously this scam artist isnt very smart. A word from expeirence when someone says "it's cool" or "dont worry" thats when you DO worry. Then he wants you to lie so he wont have to pay 10% to Western Union??? These guys use Western because there is virtualy no way to get your money back.
I would like to help you have a little fun with this dumb-*ss . I shall return with some ideas. In the mean time keep him on a leash.

2004 CLK500 blk/stn
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