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for sale, *or* will swap: 2 sets OEM mercedes rims, with or without tires, one set S500 & the other set S320
offering two complete sets of 16 inch mercedes OEM rims and tires, some tires VERY near brand new, all "very roadworthy indeed", all located gainesville, north central florida. all -very- well illustrated, including precise tread depth measurments and closeup images of each, along with tire brand names, etc on site built for the purpose. will sell (or swap) one or all, or 'anything in between the two'. this stuff's killin' my garage space. full details, my 'wants list', and about 50 good, clear 800x600 photos are posted; go see it at

replies best if by direct e-mail link from my site, and thanks,

dave :D
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