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old time benz'er

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I have an older 97' c280 and I was thinking about buying a new car, then I thought what the heck...lets have some fun with it.

I checked with Brabus in Newport Beach [im in So. Cal] and they do a little "performance" kit for the c230k [sedan] but nothing for the c280 except a $15k engine displacement upgrade! All I was going to do was have someone pop in a turbo or supercharge it so that it would act a little sportier [like the c230k's].

I dont care about massive power anyway, and all the other cars [e-class etc] are just too big to park where I live in the city and are a pain.

The engine is a 2.6l straight-six and it has decent power but the throttle response [I think?] is much lazier than the smaller supercharged engines from MB [I've driven 3 kompressor sedans and 1 c230k coupe].

Any ideas? Specifically other places I could go to/call in Southern Ca. and see if there is anything [under $5000-$7000 or so] that I can do to spice this old car up? I havent had any luck finding any reputable MB tuners in Southern California apart from Brabus....which was surprising. :(

Or any other forums/websites? Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the long post.
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c280, I believe what you are looking for a Mosselman turbo kit. I think you would get a lot of good information about the Mosselman turbo and other mods for your c280 on the Engine Tuning forum at
Interesting. Noting the mosselman turbo down right now.

Also thanks for the web address, checking it out now as well.

Still looking for installers/tuners in southern california [san diego and north up to irvine is my limit]....
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