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Damn, rabbit! It jumped in front of me, guess what. 8O
Orange soda I just pick up from the Wendy's for my son was flying to the front of the car, luckly(?) my wife catch it, but some got to the bottom of passenger side. :evil: ahrrrr~~~ but I didn't know. It was too dark outside. Then next morning I found out the stain on the floor mat and side wall of the carpet near the small net.

I tried oxy-clean + dawn = didn't work, and Prestone interior cleaner = didn't work either.

It seems like already set in to the carpet. If so, what is the best way?
I hear I might need to re-dye the area. Does anyone know what is the color code(?) for this?

I am hopeless now............

If you know what the best way to get this out, let me know please?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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