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PA, NJ, NY meet

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September 21 - 11am
Ray Catena MB (upon confirmation) or at the mall there.

everyone is welcome. let me know if you have any questions.
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yeah, never been to ray catenas... so i don't know about the parking. we may have to park somewhere else and carpool over if that works out.

so far, about 9 people have confirmed to meeting.
sort of... we are still waiting on the exact day/time from ray catena.

september 21/22. we should know in a couple of days and i will post more info. don't forget to check the link to mbworld for more info.
ray catena didn't come thru for us...

so, please post your preference for:
9/21 or 9/22 11am

let me know by sunday 8pm.

NE MB Meet - BBQ

Official time/place -
Sept. 21 - Saturday - 11am
Rooselvelt Park, Edison, NJ

be there! 8O i will attempt to post a map/directions tonight.
hi, i don't know about a compusa center...

here's a map of the park. the red dot is the parking lot. exit 10 off of the NJ turnpike

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1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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