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Paprika Metallic 2002 C230

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Couple of pics to share :D


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Paprika is definitely one of the less common colors. Should get you a lot of positive feedback. Enjoy!

Yeah, I have had alot of people say how nice that color is.
It looks different on the car than on the MB website, much nicer, very sporty.
Thanks for the comments.
wow, that is quite different, but nice. Should get you alot of stares :wink:
great color

HI, I hvae a white C230, but paprika was one of my first choices! Do you totally love it? Enjoy-I love mine!
i have the same color on mine its insane lookes better in real life then in dat pic though
Have the same exact car :) I love it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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