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I am parting out two complete cars:
The 1974 240D has an excellent brown interior, dash and guages. The seats covers are original and brown, but the seat cushions (below the vinlyl MB Tex) are new 3 yers ago with almost no use since installation. It is a four speed and the transmission and engine are excellent 156,000 well cared for miles. All of the glass is good. The cylinder head was rebuit less than 500 miles ago and all new valves and valveguides were installed (cost over $600 just for the rebuilt head). I also have four newly sand-blasted and painted wheels (black) with almost new michelins mounted which have necer even been on the car. I have numerous chrome wheel covers. The car was in mint condition before a passenger side front collision 4 years ago which ruined the hood, grill, radiator support and front frame. I intended to repair it but lost the time and will. The passenger fender, hood, grill and radiator are unuseable, everything else is fine. It ran extremely well even the clock worked. Roll-up wiondows, no AC. I will sell every useable part at reasonable prices. It is 100% complete.

The 1970 220D is a rust bucket but has a strong engine with 104,000 miles. I obtained it from the original owner who was a mecahnic and meticulously maintained and babied the car for 45 years. It has some decent body panels (doors, trunk, hood, grill) and also a decent dark blue interior. The glass is complete. It is also a 4 speed, no AC car with roll-up windows. I obtained the car intending to restore it but the chassis was just too badly rusted as it was stored in a barn for about 10 years and rusted from the ground-up. The car did drive and shift well (I drove it before obtaining it) and everything worked. I will sell every useable part at reasonable prices. It is 100% complete.
I am located in Nassau County on Long Island, NY and be reached at (516) 639-2563 or at [email protected].
Thanks, Paul
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