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I have a 85 500 SEC that has a light hit in the front that I am sending in to get fixed. But before I could do this, I needed to secure the parts to fix it.

So just by luck I ran across an 84 euro 500 SEC with the needed parts. The car is in fair condition (except interior leather) show low miles and runs good.
The only items I will be keeping are:

Front and rear bumpers
Rear glass

I have no personal attachment to this parts car, nor am I looking to make a living at selling parts. I just thought I would offer them here first to help support the communities that has help to keep these cars going and it's owner out of the poor house.

So the question is: Anyone here want to buy any 84 euro 500 SEC parts before I strip it and put them on EBAY.

P.S. Before I bought this parts car, I had already bought a nice used front bumper off a 85 500 SEC (US spec) that is now for sale. I paid 300.00 usd, I will let it go for 250.00usd + shipping.

You can email me direct at tmax"AT" Just replace "AT" with @

note: I have also posted this at
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