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Phone Stalk

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Purchased my C230 used with 1500 mi. on it. Would like to install a phone but I need the phone stalk. Any place to purchase one that would be cheaper than going to a MB dealer? :?:
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I don't know what you mean by phore stalk, but try e-bay.
It's a lever that is mounted to the steering column. Used to activate & deactivate the phone. I believe in the manual it's call a stalk. Look like the turn signal but on the other side.
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My operator's manual calls that stalk the voice recognition system switch. It refers to a separate manual for more information. Since I don't have the phone, I don't have that manual.

The entire phone system or just the voice recognition kit can be puchased from
Installing a phone

Thanks for the link to the site. I'm a total technological what exactly does one need to buy there. I notice that they sell the phone and a bunch of other things and I'm not sure which you need. Is this cheaper than just having it installed at the dealership?


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