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Well... sort of.

I sort of use my COMAND just about every time I drive. Not so much to find my way somewhere but more just to have the map on while I'm tooling around town. It's a great toy.

In terms of actually using it to find destinations, it's not bad but the Canadian map disk only covers something like four major cities in the whole country. So if I'm travelling from my place downtown out to see my parents in the suburbs I can't use it because they're off the map. That sucks. And Benz only tells you after you take delivery that the maps are "abridged" in Canada.

It's different for the US. I think there are over a dozen disks for various parts of the US and you get full coverage... but there's only one for all of Canada which is the world's second largest landmass. 99.999% of Canada is not covered by the COMAND disk.

Anyway, it's a great toy. Still, for the money I could have got a 62 inch HDTV WEGA for the house.
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