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Over the past couple of years, many new car dealers have begun to sell their trade in vehicles on eBay motors. The main reason behind this practice is because the general public is likely to pay much more for a vehicle than a wholesale vehicle dealer. They are abandoning wholesale auctions for eBay in the attempt to recoup lost funds from new car deals due to the highly competitive market.

An individual looking to buy one of these vehicles must understand a couple of basic things before placing a bid.

1. These vehicles are generally traded in to a dealership because they have been used up and the owner decided not to put any more money into the vehicle

2. Dealers who take these vehicles on trade do not plan on selling them as a retail unit and basically want to unload them with the least amount of effort and cost.

When purchasing one of these vehicles on eBay, a potential buyer must consider these facts into their buying decision. You are not buying a unit that needs nothing no matter what the seller states about the vehicle. You should be prepared to invest between $500-$1000 into these vehicles and consider that into your bid price. the full guide with pics here
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