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i bought a 2002 c230k about 2 months ago, and I LOVE IT!!!!!! however now i wish that I could have the c7 package. is there any way of getting it?? or can it only come from the factory??

HELP ME!!! thakns

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Yes you can do it now, but it will be extremely expensive. The wheels will cost over $300 each and the tires about $180 each. The short throw shifter, if you have a six speed, will cost about $50 plus labor. The door handles are about $60 each. I don't know the cost of the leather shift knob and the steering wheel. The brake and clutch pedals are not very expensive about $12 each, but the throttle pedal is part on an assembly which costs over $130. The their is the cost of the exhaust tip and the cost of removing the resonator. It looks to me like it might cost between $3500 and $4000 if the dealer does all the labor.

has anyone actually replaced there standard door handles to the optional ones that are painted the color of the body?? basically i was wondering..if i buy these door handles for the 50 or 60 dollars that you say each one costs, would i need a new keyless entry remote? or would that laser remote work on the new handle?? if anyone knows please tell

thanks a lot

Some people at have replaced their handles. It is not supposed to be difficult. You do not need a new electronic key.
you can get the c7

the wheels will cost you tho. they are the 7 spoke b listed on they cost more than the 750 that you could have paid when you bought it. if you hAve the $, you should get the 17s because the stock 16s are ugly. if you're spending, maybe you should just get the amgs or some aftermarket.
beats 1234 makes a really good point. If you're going to spend a load of cash you may as well get some really hot wheels (not that the C7 wheels aren't nice!). I got the AMG wheels with my Evolution AMG package and can assure you that they are really nice (and wide!). I will be posting some photos (hopefully) soon if you want to have a look.
Another spin on this question...

I understand the financial implications of retrofitting the C7 package after purchasing the car, but what I'm wondering is if a C7 package can be installed at the dealer's before taking delivery of the car. The closest merc dealer has C230Ks in stock, but none of them with the C7 package. Can they order the components and install them themselves locally, or does the package need to be installed at the factory?

Thanks in advance,

It really needs to be installed at the factory. If the dealer does it, you will pay a small fortune for the parts and labor.
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