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Question about C7

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First time poster...
What is the C7 option? When building my 230k coupe on MBUSA, I can't find that option package.

Great website! Hoping to be a coupe owner within the year, and this site difinately helps in the research aspect. I have also checked out, but is seems like 16 year olds are the only people who post.

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Lynn said:
C230K said:
C7 OPTION IS A MUST if you are getting the COUPE, most band for the buck.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Really? I didn't get a band with C7, just Bose with C5. :lol:
Lynn - you got ripped off. My C7 came with a band. They sit in the spacious rear of the car and take requests all during my communte. Just one comment though - ten minute break my ass... they take at least 20. :lol:
C230K - Just a fun jab.. couldn't resist. But seriously (to the point): I would probably not have ordered C7, letting my practical side overrule in favor of all season radials. But since I bought from stock and have it, I have to admit that it really sets off the car. I love the wheels. Not too crazy about the tire tread wear though.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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