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Couple quick questions:

1. How hard is it to replace the rear door latch mechanism?
2. How expensive is this latch mechanism?

I lent my '03 ML350 to my girlfriend to hual a ladder, and she had to trip the latch on the door and use a bungie cord to hold the door closed. She's seen me do it a couple times when moving couches, so I'm sure she did everything properly, but when she pulled the handle to release the "catch" (for lack of a better term) it didn't release. I had to use a screw driver to pry the "catch" open and it looks like the plastic has pealed back on the moving "catch". I'm sure there could be other issues inside, but I can't easily see them.

Since I got it released, it works fine (meaning opening and closing), but something is keeping the door from locking. I can only assume that the whole lock mechanism needs to be replaced - hence my 2 questions. Any ideas, suggestions, or advise is greatly appreciated.

PS: I also have another post with another question resulting from my girlfriend borrowing the truck if anyone would like to chime in on that as well.
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