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I own a C-Class W204 Mercedes Benz C Class C250 – W204 2011 December model. The part number is 2049005501151106150844(0). The Rear Signal Acquisition and Actuation Module (SAM) in my vehicle is showing an error and this results in the brake lights turning on automatically once in a few days. The brake lights turning on is more frequent after I complete a drive and the brake lights turns on after 6-7 hours after the completion of the drive. When the brake lights are turned on automatically, I start the ignition and pump the brakes 2-3 times and when I turn off the ignition the brake lights gets turned off and doesn’t come on for a few days if I do not drive the vehicle.

All the other functions of the rear SAM are working very well. We have removed the SAM, physically inspected it, there is no corrosion nor broken wires. The board is in very good condition and the only solution seems to be the replacement of the SAM. Screenshot of the error attached (please ignore the actuator error, this has been fixed)

I have the following queries relating to SAM that I would appreciate feedback from experts in this forum
  • Is rear SAM for Mercedes Benz Chassis specific or would any W204 SAM fit a W204 model
  • Is there any way the SAM can be repaired / fixed

Look forward to views from experts


Krishnan PS
Chennai, India


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