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Renntech Intercooler now available.

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If anybody is interested in getting a group buy together on the larger Renntech intercooler let me know. I've been talking with Bob Brady of Renntech and he has e-mailed me to let me know that the real deal is now being offered for $995. He did say it could be sold cheaper if they can get enough orders. HP increase is 10. If anybody is in the Houston area it can be installed at Memorial One for alot less than MB North.
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Welcome to the board. The intercooler is good for about 10 to 15 hp. The stock intercooler isn't very big and get heat soaked very quickly. The pulley is good for about 30 hp and about 48 ft-lbs of torque. The is no CAI made at this time you'll have to make your own. Those who hve say 6 hp. Exhaust changes such a muffler or catback system are about 4 hp. A much larger gain can be made with a header, but no one on the boards has done that.

To install the intercooler, the front bumper must be removed, and the fog lights and temperature sensor disconnected. The old intercooler is removed. Test fit the new intercooler and drill four holes for the now mounts. Felt is applied to the air con lines and to whatever might rub on the new intercooler. Mount the intercooler, connect the hoses. Reconnect fogs and temp sensor and replace bumper.

Kleeman is working on replacing the Eaton rootes type supercharger with a larger Lysholm twin screw supercharger. It is suppsed to cost $3000 and increase the rwhp by 100 hp, with no other mods.
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Even though the boost from the lysholm is much greater the temperature of the air coming out of it is much lower than that of the Eaton M45. Also, Kleemann will use a rising rate fuel regulator to richen the air, fuel mixture.
JettaGLXdriver said:
Cool so the right pulley, chip, header, intercooler, regulator on a eaton setup will prolly gain pretty good too then?
The ASP and Kleemann pulleys are already as big as they can be. It is difficult to change in pulley on the supercharger. No "tuners" offer that, but one person had one custom made. It wasn't cheap. The only fuel system mod that I am aware of is made by Vaeth and must be shipped for Germany. There are two ECU mods available. The Upsolute mod is $500 plus $75 installation. Dyno results that have been posted have been very disappointing, although a couple of people swear by them. The Renntech mod has not been purchased by anyone on any of the boards. It costs $1600 plus installation.
I don't know if it fits an SLK. The group but was done right when they first started to make them. Renntech probably won't do another one.
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