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Renntech Intercooler now available.

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If anybody is interested in getting a group buy together on the larger Renntech intercooler let me know. I've been talking with Bob Brady of Renntech and he has e-mailed me to let me know that the real deal is now being offered for $995. He did say it could be sold cheaper if they can get enough orders. HP increase is 10. If anybody is in the Houston area it can be installed at Memorial One for alot less than MB North.
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What kind of gains could be expected when coupled with pullies, chip, intake, and exhaust?

VW owner strongly considering going for used 2002 coupe in spring 2003.
Also how much work is it to install that intercooler?
Yeah but if you throw a huge twin screw on there and creat killer PSI won't you have detonation issues and car just retard timming unless you run race gas?

So the header is proven to be a bit of a weak spot? I would have to wait and see results of replacement header before I would think that route.

I assume the eaton used on coupe is the little eaton one.

I have already heard from some more reading (man there is allot) that Cold air setups aren't really creating much benifit. I wonder how well car does with combination of improvements..

Thanks for info I will be lurking these forums for quite some time.. My first goal this winter is to buy house. Then next year new car thoughts will come into play.
Cool so the right pulley, chip, header, intercooler, regulator on a eaton setup will prolly gain pretty good too then?
I cannot imagine a chip will work well for setup if it has diff pully, intake, exhaust, and intercooler.. Allot changes there.
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