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Hi All,

In my trek to find an Aero kit Worthy of the extensive engine modifications(400hp) being done to my c230 coupe. I have failed to find a kit which stays true to the apearance of the cars original design. Because of this I have decided to commision a highly regarded designer to fabricate a package that would be based on the Renntech Kit featured in "Gotta See". Of course there would be some slight modifications to ensure that the package would not be a direct duplicate,avoiding legal infringement.

The gentleman whom I have consulted with has an extensive background in carbon fiber/fiberglass fabrication. He is a Senior aeronautical engineer and fabricator with Northrop Grumman with many years of experience designing aero racing kits for the Porsche industry.

After much thought and consideration we have come up with a pending proposal to design and fabricate the the kits at a cost of $2400 per set excluding the rear spoiler(currently available elswhere). The initial cost of $2000-$3000 to develop the molds would be my responsibility. These figures are predicated on a minimum of 10 sets purchased. Of course the package would be sold with a conditional satisfaction guarantee.

With that in mind I would like to know how many of you would be intrested in a group purchase of such a package?

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