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Hello All. I've recently purchased an '83 300D turbodiesel, so I'm now selling my '82 240D (automatic). The car has approx. 241,000 miles. It is kind of tan in color with palomino interior. The engine has had a recent valve adjustment and runs very good (NO leaks whatsoever). I've also done the following within the last 6,000 miles:

1. New tires
2. New shocks
3. New brakes (pads/drums/rotors/e-brake)
4. New alternator
4. New brake master cylinder
5. New speakers (front & back)
6. Air Filter modification (K&N type...original included also)

Some of the "issues" with the car are as follow:

1. Transmission shifts "funny" (late when cold, early when warm...vacuum?)
2. Minor rust (body only. Worst area is passenger rear wheel well).
3. Central Door locks don't work (vacuum?)
4. Cruise doesn't work (no clue why).
5. A/C doesn't work (maybe freon...I've never checked it)

I also have an '83 parts car (4spd manual, no engine) to go with it, if buyer wants it, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I'd like to get about $1,200 for everything, but will consider "close" offers. If interested, please email me at "[email protected]". Thanks.
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