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Selling STHFMZ4 Convertible Controller - $300

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Looking to sell a STHFMZ4 SmartTop controller by mods4cars. This device lets you raise and lower the soft-top automatically from the full range of your remote without having to touch the button. Additionally you can raise or lower the top with a single press from inside the car and transition it while turning the car on or off. This is for 2016+ C-Class (A205), 2018+ E-Class (A238), 2016+ S-Class (A217) and can be installed in about 15-30 minutes with included wiring harness. I got a new car and can't use this anymore. Normally retails for $500.

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Any luck with the sale?
Sadly not yet. Ping me if you're interested.
Sorry - my 1997 SL can't use this device. Have you advertised it for sale over on our sister forum's Member Classified area? (10) Member Classifieds | Mercedes-Benz Forum (
Not yet, going to do that. Thank you!
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