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I took my 2004 CL500 to an indie shop to fix an ABC problem and it also would not start. They took care of that but while there they noticed there was a problem with the shifter. I had lived with this problem for 9 years and while it was annoying I knew how to get around it. Sometimes the car would start on Park and sometimes it would not. The workaround was to shift it into Drive turn the key and simultaneously move the shifter into Neutral and all was fine.
The shop decided to "fix" the shifter t getting a new one at their expense. The car would not start. Then they used the shifter from one of their cars. The car would not start. They went back to the shifter that was in the car. They thought the electrics in the shifter was not communicating with the ECU therefore it would not start. Then they got some electronic guru to see if he could figure it out. Well he didn't. It has been over 6 weeks and I don't have my car back.
Does anyone have any idea what could be happening here. I need my car back and running desperately.
Thank you for your comments.
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