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Should've gotten the heated seats but didn't-now what?

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Don't let this happen to you! I didn't get the heated sets in my 2003
C-Coupe and now I'm sorry. They didn't seem necessary, I've never felt the need for heated seats in my other cars, but this one's different. There must be something about the construction of these seats because they really suck the heat out of my butt!

My dealer says they can't add the seat heaters, so I got some info from a local upholstery shop on adding seat heaters. The brochure warns that the heaters should not be installed in cars that have airbag sensors in the seats. Does the 2003 C-Coupe have airbag sensors in the seats? Is is possible to add the (factory) switch in the dash, or would that be the equivalent of brain surgery? Anything else I should be thinking about? Is there one after-market heater that I should look for?
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Very sorry to hear about your seat predicament :cry: I got the heated seats and with the weather at 0 F lately, I don't know how I would cope otherwise. Sorry I can't help you with any suggestions unless you want to put some kind of cover on the seat during the winter months :oops:
Well cranius I must be a dinosaur because I have cloth seats and I still can't live without heated seats. But maybe because it's -35 some days I'm allowed to have them when I'm a little younger :wink:
-35, You need a heat garage, or a winter home some place more tropical like Fargo ND. I've had to deal with -20 on rare occasions when I lived in New York, go out start the car, come back in and drink a 1/2 pot of coffee then off to work (a bit wired).

New formula for heated seats:

Age + Minimum Morning Temperature (MMT) = Heated Seat Index (HSI)
If HSI > (Age + 20) then NO Heated Seats
If HSI < (Age + 20) then Yes Heated Seats

Keep Warm

Just wondering do you have a panoramic roof?[/quote]
:lol: lol cranius, love the new formula... and no I don't have the panoramic roof. I couldn't see the benefits with it under six inches of snow... :wink:
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The best option for my car was the command start so that the car is nice and warm by the time you get into it. Yes, you heard me right a command start :!:

You're probably wondering who would install a remote car starter in a benz,... well actually no one. I just find someone to boss around and command them to go start my car :wink:
I ordered that option but it was defective and I ended up with a black eye. I guess I'll be going back to the dealer tomorrow to pick up a newer "model".[/quote]

Boy you sure have friendly dealers in your part of the world :wink:
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