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Soon to be c230 newbie...

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Must admit I'm a little worried. Brand new member, and, while I understand that every car manufacturer has it weaknesses. ( I've had to "lemon" a Honda) I thought DaimlerChrysler held themsevles to a higher standard. I was until recently, saving for my wedding, but, things didn't work out quite the way I planned, so I'm looking to upgrade my vehicle. Narrowed my choices down to the Audi A4 1.8t ( 'cause it's "chippable") Infiniti G35 ( 'cause it hauls & handles) and the C230 Coupe ('cause....well...3 pointed star for under 30K!) You all know better than I would, at this point, since most of you folks have owned and driven the vehicle for the better part of a year. I'm searching this and other boards for opinions, but, straight up: Is it truly worth the investment, and why?
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It's a really is a nice car, I have had mine since February. Like the G35 and the A4 it is heavy for a smallish car and is not as nimble as I would like. For fifteen years (and 350,000 miles) I have driven and still do from time to time drive a VW Jetta, which I can throw around a corner with, ease. Don't get me wrong, the C230K handles great it just has a lot more inertia and is therefore less agile for city driving. On the other hand she is a dream for highway cruising and touring. The only other complaint is rear visibility; because of the upward pitch of the rear end it is difficult to see what’s on the side of you. I still don’t feel comfortable changing (zipping across) lanes in heavy traffic while relying seriously on side view mirrors.

I have had only one service issue, the driver door seal was damaged when installed, but was replaced by the dealer with no problem. I’m not so hot on Japanese cars, so I would narrow it down the C230K or the A4. The C230K is a solid and safe care with a lot more pluses than the two minuses I have mentioned. I suggest you take as many long test-drives as you can in all of the car you are considering. When you are parting with $25-30K it is nice to know you checked things out and left no question unanswered.

Is it worth it? Yes
Why? Because I like it (not the best answer, but it's an emotional thing).
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Welcome to the forum!!!

Heck yes it's worth it :)

Why? - well, too many nice features, but to mention a few - safe, reliable, killer brakes, mercedes, german, nice looking, pretty powerful, electronic stability program, 8 (!) airbags, cool sun roof, best car of 6 cars that I owned, never going to a different car brad... Only Mercedes ;)
Thanks for the replies, folks. However, I'd love to hear some cons as well; want to go in fully prepared....
Have had my coupe since late June. Thoroughly enjoy the car. I too considered the Audi and Infiniti. I thought a 1.8 liter engine with turbo was too small for the Audi. Being on a budget, I could outfit the coupe with all the options I wanted; couldn't do that with the G35.

You want a con, the coupe has a very nice starting price. The options, however, are quite expensive.
I've only had my C230 for 6 weeks now and so far I can't think of any cons. It's all good, Sorry... :wink:
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