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Conversion Techniques does Kleeman supercharger installations, but I don't recommend Conversion Techniques to anyone. My experience is BMW related, but I own a benz as well (and thankful that I didn't go to Conversion techniques for my MB needs)

Owner: John Siau

Conversion Techniques Inc.
9845 Bigge Street
Oakland CA 94603

TEL.: 510-639-0911
FAX: 510-639-0297

Stay away from Conversion Techniques. I had placed a deposit on an item and after 1.5 years of waiting, John Siau (owner of Conversion Techniques) could not come through on said item. He did agree to refund my deposit (back in 2003) and after many excuses and promises of returning my deposit to me, he finally returned my a portion of it on 11-19-2005. John Siau and his company is not one I would recommend to anyone.

He's also a liar. How do I know? Here's an example.

I call on Tuesday asking for John and I get Jeff (who works at Conversion Techniques) and he says John is working on a car. Fine. I kindly ask Jeff if he could tell John to return my call. No return call. On Wednesday, I call again and get Jeff. I ask for John and he says John is currently with a customer and I kindly ask again if he could tell John to please call me back regarding my refund. On Thursday, I call Conversion Techniques and get John himself who tells me that he's been out sick the past two days?!? Another previous episode, I ask John if he would like me to fax a copy of the invoice to him so he knows how much to refund me and John tells me that his fax machines are not working. I call 30 minutes later and speak to Jeff and ask if the fax machines are working now and Jeff tells me that the fax machines were always working. I ask him if he's mistaken and he says he's been receiving faxes all morning, so everything it working.

Also, I don't know if he was just saying this for me to feel sorry for him, but from John Siau's mouth himself, he states that Conversion Techniques is in financial difficulties (which is why he kept promising to pay me, but never did).

You can also check this link because I'm not the only one who had a major problem with John Siau and his Conversion Techniques based in Oakland.
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