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hi all,
I'm new here. so please feel free to give me "head up" on how the forum work. thanks.

anyhow, I'm having a lot of problems with my 2001 E430 ever since the delivery of the vehicles. i have been to the mb shops for about 30 times. my local mb mechanics either couldn't fix it or swapping parts around and the problems would continue.
the bothersome is my stereo/navigation system. periodically, once/twice a month i would not get sound on the left side of the speakers.
always the left. if i restart the engine and let it sit still for a couple of minutes or sometimes hours, the sound would come back.
they changed the amplifiers and headunit twice and still didn't solve the problem. last month, it broke again, my LA MB mechanic changed the headunit again. however, he replaced it with a "REMANUFACTURED" UNIT!!
the worst part is the navagation system broke on the way home. i didn't know that MB uses refurbished parts?? is it legal? i didn't pay that kind of money for a car to be fixed with used parts.
anyhow, i called the MB rep. they said they don't make new part for the headunit. they haven't repond my request for replacement with new unit. it's been 3 weeks. i don't know what to do. please give me some suggestion. personally, i don't think the stereo problem is not with the headunit. because they changed before, never solved anything.
thanks all
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