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Had to go to Europe then China, so it has been a month since I have been home (only wish I had as much fun as my wife thinks I do). This weekend was the first time I have been able to do a litle of the install on the HPS Supercharger.

I installed the Mass Air Flow Sensor and Throttle Body extension wires. I also installed the Coolent overflow re-position tank. Very easy and I was inpressed that the extension wire is color matched to the original benz. The new Collent tank is of good design and comes with all the needed wires. All is fine.

I am installing in sections so that my car is not down but for a couple of days. In the end, I can do most as weekrnd hobby projects, as this make it fun.

Next weekend I will install the Fuel Management Unit FMU, and maybe the electronic Fuel Control circuit. Still no need to have car down. After that I will install all the brackets.

The last thing will be to disconnect the Throttle Body and connect the new blower.

One thing I plan to do is get the filter into the fender. Verts have an issue as a BIG vib damper is on the front right frame. I took it off to feel the difference and Benz has a problem with Vert 430 and CLk 55 at 70MPH. I hear that the non-verts do not have the vib damper. Goes to show Mercedes cars do have problems, as this is a 25lb weight to control vibration.

Many ask what the electronics do: The Fuel management unit raises fuel pressure to allow the injectors to push more fuel as its needed under boost. The EEC control unit is the fine tuner to the added fuel from the increased fuel pressure. All goes as normal until under boost. Simple and effective set-up, as this does not require one to monkey with the EEC. Again, I like the HPS becasue I can go backwards if needed to remove things.

One final note is that I will probably install a set of colder plugs. Maybe two setting cooler. This is always a good thing to do with Blown cars. Iridium are the best, but a good set of normal platium should do fine at this low boost.

I did order a special water to air cooler so I can engineer after everthing is installed. I discussed with HPS as they may want to offer with the kit. A product I found on my Europe travel.

More later.
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