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I would like to know the model and year of the 2 mercedes in the French movie "Taxi".
I believe they are C-class but I'm not sure...
Also I guess they have some kind of body kit??

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Sorry, I don't know but I see you're from Montreal... great city :D
Mercedes in the Movies

I did a search for 'The Mercedes Gang' and found the following...

Superb French comedy thriller features the bad guys - known as 'the Mercedes Gang' - hauling ass in a pair of E500's. Fantastic driving sequences and great stunts and a great opportunity to see the mighty E500 being put through its paces. Submitted by Dan Trent

I havent seen the film but will give it a look soon.

I was watching Bullit the other night. It was great seeing the 65' Ford Mustang eating up San Fran Cisco streets... It got me wondering could my c230K sedan do the same? I'm not sure it could...
What kind of merc do you think could replicate those scenes?
Thanks 96c230Kompressor !

For the movie "Bullit" I can't remember seeing it... ;-(
But a 65 Mustang thats a lot of a car it must be a nice movie!

Besides, how do you like your c230K?
I find this car really appealing but here in canada it's quite expensive... thats why
I'm looking for older models of mercedes. Now for the E500 I'll try to find out if it
was available here and if there is any manual ~1995 top-shape grandma-driven
example of it for sale somewhere !
The car in Bullit is either a '67 or '68 Mustang GT with a 390. It had modified suspension. The Dodge charger which the bad guys drove was a stock 383 Charger. In sone of the scenes, you can tell the Mustang had to slow down and wait for the Charger to catch up.
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