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That noise!!!!

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Is anyones car doin the same thing? My car makes a metal type of hissing noise. The more I give it gas the louder it gets but on the highway i cant hear it. Its not the supercharger cuz that makes a whirring noise. This noise sounds almost like a exhaust leak or something. I have read an article about this car and the driver mentioned something about a noise like the one im talking about. I drove another c230k and it didnt make this noise but the one i drove was a 1.8 liter. If that makes a difference.
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I am not familiar with that noise.
Engine Sounds

I have noticed that my 02 c230k seems to make two distinct sounds. One in idle and low gears that can be compared to that of a diesel car, though not as much. Kind of a slushy noise i guess. The other is sound that I can only assume is the Supercharger in the mid to higher gears. Any comments?
I have put in some research about this noise im gettin from my car and it seems as though alot of other owners have this problem also. Alot of pplz went to the dealership and they have got their purge valves replace and it still doesnt fix the problem and i have heard also of a magnetic timing something i forgot what its called and this doesnt really fix the problem neither but i read that MB is paying attention to this problem and coming up with a fix but nothing is available yet and a time frame wasnt listed. My car also makes a squeaky noise when i turn left and go over a speed bump or something and i read that MB is also aware of this noise and not yet come up with a fix yet but they do have a temporary fix for it. This noise is a sway bar bushing or some type of strut bushing but it mite only happen on cars with the C7 wheels. I know that this information mite not be 100% correct but this is what i remember in my head but this is too much information for me :D i can get a link for some of you is u want.
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well i went to MB and told them about the noise and then they put me in a ML320 rental and sent me off for the weekend and then monday they called me and told me its done. Well they never told me whats wrong but they said the fixed it. I still kinda hear it if im really trying hard to listen to something but now its not as annoying. They never told me what it was but i never asked cuz i was happy from driving that ML around. well if it does it again im bringing it in again for that
Call the service manager and ask what they did, and maybe mention that it is still audible.

Sounds like you might consider trading in the C230 to get a ML320.

My wife is up to buy one ever since I got my car.
"diesel noise" in a C230

I've had a 95, 96, and 97 C220 and C230s. Two of the three cars sounded just fine, but the third C230 had that diesel noise as well. It is made by the idler arm and "shock" on the unibelt. Have a dealer or your repair shop check the idler. When we replaced ours, the noice stopped. The dealer told us that some cars just sound like that.

HMMMM, no they are not...

Anyway, good luck!

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