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The Steering Colum Lock (this part number is for the Diesel version and my 84 300D) A126 462 07 30 is no longer available.
I replaced mine with a new one in 2013 but since then the supply has dried up and it is a vital part that cannot be easily worked around.
On mine the insides of the Steering Colum Lock broke in 2 places and no way to fix it.

You have your Lock Tumbler, the Steering Colum Lock and your Ignition Switch is at the bottom of it. If something in between breaks your Ignition switch is not going to turn.

On diesels there is also the little vacuum shut off valve. If that does not work you are stuck shutting off your engine with the manual shut off under the hood.

Also note that the older style ones are different and if you go back far enough it is even shorter.
The below pic is of a used one.

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