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This is an odd story but here it goes. I went to pick up a vehicle I had stored in a barn close to my home town. When I was leaving the farmer said he wished he could find a buyer for three mercs he has stored in the same barn. I know nothing about Mercs but he told the story of how he got them (Florida cars) mainly obtained in lieu of built up storage payments. He said that the 1980 has a poor transmission but that the two other have good transmissions etc. I get the feeling that there is a little something wrong with each one but they could be combined for a final product. I saw the 1980 and it looked real good (white) with a great body and interior. Aside from the cars, he also has extra doors and other parts in the barn that go to the buyer. He would be happy with $3000 Canadian for everything.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll get pictures and details. I believe they are 300 series. Is there another place for advertizing Mercs?


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