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I am a previous owner of a 86 560 sel, and now have a 88 300e.

Some time ago, I loaded the car with a lot of building materials. Shortly after this, the engine and trans have been accelerating and shifting funny.

The engine seems like it isn't giving enough power for the rpm it is putting out, and the trans flares before shifting into third gear.

It drives fine otherwise.

There was a message in the shop book asking for you to not carry more than 400 pounds (about).

I think what happened is the weight threw the computer off, 'cause a couple days ago, I was moving some things, and had the car fully loaded. No trans flare and smoother acceleration ensued. This tells me that it is not a mechanical issue. That maybe the over-weighting puts a value into the fuel mixture calculations that cannot be compensated for?

Has anybody ever experienced this? Maybe there is a way to reset the bad data in the computer?

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