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Tunnel Mode, Sunroof problems and car pulling to the right

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Hello guys and gals,

I tried posting this also on, but I can't....

I had very recently several problems: My sunroof would not open anymore but the sunroof blind did still work. A couple days later the blinds also stopped working. That was then for me enough reason to make an appointment with my dealer. I told him about my problems, mentioned my car is pulling to the right (not bad, but you had to counteract a little) and I then also mentioned that my sunroof does not work together with the tunnel mode (obviously a common problem with the coupes (at least the 2002 ones)).
Well, today was the day of the appointment (I had to wait 5 days because of Thanksgiving). I dropped of the car in the morning and they called me at 2pm to tell me the car is ready at 5pm. I said great, I'll be there at 5. Well, at 3 pm I get another call from the Service Manager, telling me he forgot to put the "Tunnel Mode Problem" on the work order, but he will have somebody look at it before I come to pick up the car. I say, sure, no problem.
At 4.30pm my colleague drops me off at my dealer (it is snowing like crazy and we have 2-4 inches of snow since that morning) and I walk into the dealership, see my car glittering like new, washed and polished and everything. The Service Manager is telling me that everything is fixed and I asked about the Tunnel Mode Problem - he says OH, THAT WAS AN EASY FIX, TOOK OUR TECHNICIAN ONLY A COUPLE MINUTES! 8O
So, to say it again: MY coupe's sunroof never moved with the tunnel mode button, but it does now! :D

Also, just for info - My sunroof rattled and now it doesn't anymore, not the least bit. They found a "code B1075.B1066", "checked actual values" and discovered they were "not initialized".
In regard to the pulling to the right: "Found pass side caster out of spec. Installed alignment bolts in caster on right side. Adjusted rear toe" (whatever that is). Now my coupe runs like it is on rails!

Info on driving in snow: Well, I have the C7 package and I was able to drive home, but it was not a lot of fun. The electronic helped a lot, that is for sure. I have ordered today from tirerack 4 steel rims (16" with wheel covers) and the 205/55 Conti Sport Winter tires (I am in Michigan :roll: ). Should have them in 2 or 3 days.

I can only say very good things about my dealer here - they are responsive, friendly, obviously knowledgeble and helpful. They also filled up my empty washer fluid tank, drove 23 miles on a test drive (I have no problem with it) and they were treating me as if I had a SL500 or so.. :p

Another question, I am probably buying a Command W203 system used with 6 months warranty for approx. $1200 (or eventually an APS30 used with 6 months warranty for about $900) and I am wondering if there is anybody in Michigan or Ohio who has experience with the installation?

Wheew - I guess I have to apologize for the long post..... but maybe this will help one of you guys. Also, if somebody wants to take my post over to forum - go ahead, the more (hopefully) will appreciate it. I would have if I could, but I have not that right (I don't know why).
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Thanks for the post, very interesting :)

I'm glad that you dealer was able to fix all the problems easily!

Stock tires are pretty good in snow, and yes, ESP helps A LOT!!! :D
The Becker Audio 30 APS will not work in North America. Well the FM radio and cd will, the AM sort of, but not the navigation. This is from Harman/Kardon who owns Becker and and also From Richard on
Thanks, Lynn for the info. Just curious - do you know why it is not working in the USA? The dealer in Germany says it will? 8O
The are no North American map cd's for the Audio 30. While very similar to the Becker or Harman/Kardon Traffic Pro the Audio 30 APS uses some additional software which is on its cd's, and not on the Traffic Pro cd's. The Audio 30 cd's have only mapping software for Europe.
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