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This is my first MB. I took the car to inspection yesterday and it failed for rear right turn signal not working. I was aware of some issues with the car when I bought it like needing brakes, etc. The dash was showing "brake wear" and "left brake lamp" warnings. They both went away at the same time after I replaced the brakes. Then no warning messages appeared except a check engine light and a tire pressure warning.
I took the car to inspection and the right turn signal light is not working. After taking the car back home, the "brake wear" and "left brake lamp" warnings showed up again on the dash.
I replaced the turn signal bulb, but that was not the problem. I did some research and now suspecting the SAM. I was not sure of the location so I did more research and found that it was on the right side under the fuse box. I took it off to replace it but after doing even more research, I am finding that the new one needs to be programmed after installation.

Any suggestions on the diagnosis of this problem and what could be wrong before I start throwing parts at the car?

Thank you,
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