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Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Leeann Furrow
Mercedes-Benz of Knoxville
10131 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922-1945

Dear Leeann,

I almost didn’t buy a Mercedes-Benz. I had heard so many horror stories about snooty dealers, bad service, bad attitude, etc. from friends and especially the Mercedes-Benz online forums. I drove a Lexus and a BMW and knew their services were great. But my wife wanted a Benz, she drove one when we met. So last month I went to my local dealer and drove off with an ML430.

Why am I telling you all of this. Well last Saturday, twenty miles north of Knoxville, we (myself, wife & 2 children) had a flat. We were heading home with raw, emotions back from my father’s funeral. Within ten minutes after Tele-Aid I received a call from Jeffrey Sharp to inform us he was on his way. Polite & friendly, he changed our tire and because we were packed to the gills, he hauled the flat tire to a local Pep Boys so we could have the tire patched. I discovered that the flat had damaged the sidewalls and was now unsafe. With another 500 miles to go we knew we would not be able to get home on the spare. It was 5:00PM on a holiday weekend and without a solution we would be stuck until Tuesday morning. Pep Boys did not have the right size, nor could they find one.

I called Jeffery back and told him of my plight. He replied that he did not know if parts stocked the General tires that I had but said he would go back (45 minute drive) to your dealership, and was confident he could at least find a used tire that could get us home. After Pep Boys finally got back on the road, we traveled back south to your dealership (8:00PM on a Saturday!) and was greeted by Rick Soloman who assured us we would be back on the road in no time, and that Jeffery was in the shop waiting for us. Rick drove in to help Jeffrey find the right tire...turns out you did have a new one. Jeffery escorted my family to the waiting room, turned on the TV, offered us beverages and went to work. I went out to the shop after about 30 minutes and was introduced to Pete Keely, a service technician. Jeffrey wanted to make sure he balanced the tire correctly, called Pete and he interrupted his date to help.

I could not believe the selflessness of these men, the generosity of their time and their compassion…not to mention their dedication to MB of Knoxville. I cannot thank them enough nor adequately share what the experience meant, and will always mean, to my family. I hope you have a way to honor them within your organization.

I have posted this letter on every Mercedes-Benz forum I can find.

Forever Grateful,

cc: Bill Pridvy – GM of MB of Knoxville; Paul Halata – President of Mercedes-Benz USA

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